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[share_ebook] Social Construction in Context

作者: Kenneth Gergen

日期: 2011-05-22

页数: 227

出版社: Sage Publications Ltd

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share_ebook Social Construction in Context

Social Construction in Context
Kenneth Gergen | Sage Publications Ltd | 2011-05-22 | 227 pages | English | PDF

This book reveals what social constructionism has achieved and can offer various fields of inquiry, both academic, professional and applied, across the social sciences and humanities. It looks closely at recent developments and the potentials and limitations of social constructionist challenges to modernist conceptions, values and practices.

The central idea of the book is that social constructionism chiefly serves as a conceptual, ideological, and practical tool. By examining how constructionism functions differently within particular contexts - both intellectual and practical - the reader will gain insight into its benefits and limitations.

The book is ideal for all those interested in social construction in the fields of psychology, sociology, anthropology, communication, cultural studies, the human sciences; education, the therapeutic and organizational professions.


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